Social Media Marketing

The growth of the social media has tremendously transformed online marketing, and SEO Global Rankers is here to ensure that you get the best from the social media traffic. With the social media, businesses and marketers have discovered new avenues and markets that they thought never existed or were too complicated to venture into in the past. With the current knowledge and tools that exist in the industry, several businesses are now operating with the social media as their main source of traffic, hence survival and sustenance.

Many people on the various social media platforms use it for personal reasons but if you have a business, and you are not using it to promote your products and services, then you are losing a lot regarding revenues. The following are some of the advantages of social media marketing and why every business should have a strong presence on the various available platforms-:

  • Increased brand recognition

    The social media platforms provide you with great tools for your brand’s voice and content. Since most of your potential clients and customers spend a considerable amount of time in the social site, they provide an awesome avenue to connect with them without being too intrusive as compared to other forms of marketing. With a strong social media presence, you are in a better position of increasing your brand recognition and increasing the amount of following you have.

  • Traffic Generation

    The same people who visit the social media platforms are the same people who are who are likely to be interested in your products and services. The platforms thus provide great avenues to generate traffic that can be converted into sales or leads in your websites. It is important to note that the social platforms are growing at a very fast pace hence their viability as traffic generation tools for your online businesses.

  • For Search Engine Optimization Purposes

    With a proper social media marketing strategy, you will not just benefit from increased exposure on the social sites but also enhance your search engine optimization efforts. Most of the search engines value the kind of engagement that is characteristic of the social media platforms hence if you can have a strong social media presence, you will surely get better rankings in the search engines, and this will reward you with more targeted traffic to your websites.

  • Niche down your Marketing

    Other forms of social media marketing, like Facebook advertising, allows you to target your marketing precisely so that only the persons who are likely to be interested in your products or services get to see your advertisements. This is extremely powerful since it comes with a great potential of highest ROIs with minimum advertisement budget.

  • Insightful demographics

    With social media marketing services, you have the ability to understand the nature of traffic that is interested in your products and services. This has been made possible with the use of cool audience insight tools that’s present with most of the platforms. With a proper understanding of the demographics, you can target better and dramatically improve your return on investments.

Forms of Social Media Marketing

At SEO Global Rankers, we offer the following social media marketing services-:

  • Facebook & Twitter Marketing

    Facebook has 1.28 billion monthly users while Twitter has 270 million active monthly users and these numbers keep on growing on a daily basis. With such large numbers, it is highly likely that most of your potential customers are already users of these sites. We provide you with the right tools and online marketing strategies to reach and make them develop a craving following for your products and services.

  • Google+ Marketing

    A majority of marketers have underestimated the immense powers of Google+, but it is a very powerful platform as far as social media marketing is concerned. You won’t just benefit from its enormous user base of over 500 million users but the fact that it belongs to Google will reward you with additional SEO benefits since the big G loves those who use some of their products and services.

  • LinkedIn Marketing

    LinkedIn is reputed for bringing together well-educated professionals who are looking to advance their careers and broaden their networks on the internet. It is a cool platform if you have B2B business initiatives. With the skills and the tools in our arsenal, we can help you get laser targeted results from LinkedIn, which will in turn help you catapult your business to the next growth level.

  • Pinterest Marketing

    Pinterest should be part of your social media marketing strategy because it makes it so easy to share content, especially photos and videos compared to the other networks. We offer advanced Pinterest marketing services and with the strategies we have, we can make your posts go viral and bring you an avalanche of quality and targeted traffic to your website.

Features of our Social Media Marketing Services

  • 1

    Attractive Social Media Page Designs

    We have different tools for creating interactive and attractive social media pages to help you attract more followers in the various social media platforms.

  • 2

    Content Management Services

    The only way to create engagement in your social media pages is to have regular, up to date and interesting content for your followers. We offer varying degrees of content management services, specifically for the social media, to create the interactivity and engagement needed to keep your brand alive on the Internet.

  • 3

    Social Media Posting Management

    All the major social media platforms provides users with a way to make regular posts to their users. To be successful at this, you should avoid spamming your users with very many irrelevant posts. The posts should come at an acceptable frequency, and they should be useful to your audience. As part of our social media marketing services, we offer reliable and nonintrusive posting management services to ensure that your followers are kept engaged and make them yearn to get more from you.

The impacts of social media marketing can never be ignored in the present online landscapes. With the social media marketing services from SEO Global Rankers, you can now take full advantage of the social platforms to create engagement, build your brand and increase traffic to your web pages. Contact us now for a comprehensive social media marketing strategy so that you too can be part of this great revolution in internet marketing.