Video Marketing Services

Video marketing is fast becoming one of the most preferred online marketing methods, and SEO Global Rankers is ready to offer you with the ultimate video marketing solutions for your businesses. The number of businesses adopting video marketing is on the rise, and there is a need for your join the bandwagon as one of the early adopters.

We have the tools, skills, and experience to produce video content to suffice your marketing needs. With the immense potential of YouTube marketing, videos are not just a fad for online marketers but it is there to stay.

The relevance of Video Marketing today

There are many factors that make video marketing relevant to every marketer in the present times hence the need for its adoption as one of the marketing strategies. They include but not limited to the following-:

  • Most customers spend their time online watching videos

    A video sharing website like YouTube receives over 4 billion video views every day and out of these, 78% of them watch videos at least once a week and 65% of them watch the videos every day. The simple implication of this is that most of your online customers are already spending a good amount of their time on video hence it would only be prudent that you go where they are and show them your content in the form of videos.

  • Improved Search Engine Optimization

    Videos rank much faster and more easily as compared to articles or other types of content. If you have a video for your product, your chances of ranking on the top of the search engines increases by up to 53%. You are thus likely to get more targeted traffic with the improved search engine rankings by using videos.

  • Videos grab customer attention

    It is easy for a customer to watch a three-minute video and understand the marketing message you had to pass across than the same customer reading a 500-word article to get the same message. Videos are thus effective in grabbing the attention of the customers and keeping the glued to your message as opposed to the use of articles or other marketing content.

  • Videos can be shared and made to go viral

    An interesting video can be easily shared among the online users and made to go viral thus bringing in lots of views and in the process giving a lot of exposure to your products or services.

Video Marketing Services from SEO Global Rankers

At SEO Global Rankers, we offer a wide range of video marketing services. We do not just create the videos for different marketing purposes, but also we know how to syndicate them between various partner sites so that they can get great exposure and bring maximum benefits to your marketing efforts. The following is a brief on the video marketing services you can get from us-:

  • Online Video Marketing

    We create quality videos suitable for your online marketing needs. Our online video marketing services are meant to engage your visitors, convert them into leads before finally nurturing them so that they can make sales and turn into customers.

  • Product Demo Videos

    Our product demo videos will help you introduce your new products or services in the market in the right manner. It is fundamental to grab the attention of your viewers the earliest time possible so that they can stay glued to the video until the end. With our product demo videos, we will help you grab the attention of your prospective clients so that they can listen to you to learn about your new product.

  • Testimonial Videos

    Testimonial videos are very powerful in spreading the word about your products or services. Such videos need to have real people sharing their experience about your services or products. Testimonial videos are very powerful in building trust and alleviating fears thus making a potential client or customer more willing to purchase from you. In this manner, you can use testimonial videos to drive up sales from your website. These types of videos make the bulks of our video production services.

  • Event Promotion Video

    You have an event coming up? Why not use event promotion videos to get the best out of it? These kinds of videos can be used to build hype around an upcoming event and increase interest and credibility that will ultimately bring additional exposure to the event.

Why use our Video Marketing Services?

We understand that it is at your discretion to choose your preferred video marketing expert. However, we provide you with a lot more than you will ever find from the rest. For instance, you benefit from the following when you use our video marketing services-:

  • State of the art video production equipment and expertise
  • Affordable video production services
  • More qualified leads to your websites
  • We save you time and money as compared to other forms of media marketing
  • Faster productions to meet your marketing schedules

At SEO Global Rankers, we know what it takes to do comprehensive and affordable video marketing campaigns. Get in touch with us and let us chat the way forward on how we can effectively use video marketing to drive up your sales.